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vidmate Apk Download

Among the many apps that are currently found in the Android app marketplace Google Play Store for downloading videos, Vidmate is perhaps one of the most popular. Previously we all had faced some tough times when it was a very challenging task to download a video from an Internet website as there were protocols which could restrict the downloading of videos. With time, however, many such apps and software came into existence that could actually help in downloading the videos from an Internet website to a user’s PC. There are lots of good platforms which have changed the meaning of online entertainment like Kodi Download or Youtube but downloading videos was actually helpful because then users did not have to use the Internet every time they wanted to watch a video. The most common occurrence of this was found on YouTube. Since YouTube became the biggest platform for videos on the Internet throughout the world, people wanted some app or software that could get the video from YouTube and onto their computers or phones. Vidmate was among the first to come up with such software that could help users download videos, movies and even songs from the Internet directly onto PC.

Vidmate Features:

Vidmate instantly became very popular because its functions had the manifold that would impress users and force them to use the app. Apart from its YouTube video downloading qualities, Vidmate also has the capability to download videos from most Internet sites like Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, daily soap streaming sites, and others. It also has 200 television channels inside its own app which users could use to view live, a feature that major video downloading software does not offer.

There are other features too that has contributed to and is still doing so to make Vidmate top the list of video downloading software. Vidmate allows features like the download of various TV channels, sports videos, and movies. It also has the feature which allows the user to pause the download in between and resume at a later time. A unique feature about Vidmate is that it downloads videos of all file sizes without any size limits. It can also download videos simultaneously, but the fact that it does so in parallel downloads means that there is no compromise in the speed of the download. Vidmate also has a 50000 strong music library of songs and supports most formats like MP3, MP4, AAC, MOV, WMV, 3GP, MPEG, et cetera. Another quality that is incredibly acclaimed in Vidmate is that it tries to cover most regional languages.

How to get Vidmate for Android and how to use it:

Considering its benefits, the app is really easy to get. It is available on the Google Play Store just like the other Hookup Apps 2018, and you just need to visit the store to download and install it. After doing that, you can open the Vidmate app, and you will find a number of sections on the home page itself where you can choose by category and then watch videos or download it. You can also search for a movie or a music video by name and then watch or download it. Vidmate also features an option called Private Space where you can store sensitive videos that you do not want others to see. It is a content locker that comes with a password which only you know.


Vidmate is one of the best that Google Play Store has to offer right now in terms of video download and therefore without further ado you should go for it and it will surely change the way you download and watch videos on the Internet.

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