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download tu tu apk for iOS

There is an old saying, and we have also been witnesses to the event where we desire something, and we find that it is ungettable due to some reason or circumstance. A similar situation we find ourselves in is when we want to get an app very badly but on visiting the Android marketplace, we see that we have to pay some money in order to get it. Paid apps, in this way, can become ungettable, but some of them have very useful qualities that make the developers ask customers to pay some amount of money in order to get it on their handsets. The good news is, however, that there is an app called Tu Tu which helps users get paid apps for free. In the case of Apple devices, we know that most of the apps that are on the device are premium ones and are paid. This app, therefore, is a godsend for Apple users. It is also available for Android users in case you were wondering. So, down below I’ll give you a brief description as to how to use the app, what purpose it might serve, and how to get it on your Apple devices with or without jailbreaking it.

Features of the Tu Tu app:

The basic description of what the app does is enough to get anybody excited. The Tu Tu app helps users to get paid apps for free. So remember all those apps that wanted some money but which you still desired and could not get? Those are all within reach now, thanks to Tu Tu. So let us have a look at some of the features that Tu Tu offers:

– Tu Tu can work as a phone cleaning software. Like all cleaning apps do, Tu Tu can also scan the phone for junk files and useless cached files and prompt the user to clear them from time to time.
– Tu Tu also has the functionality that apps like Shareit and Xender offer. It uses a WiFi connection of its own in order to connect with other Tu Tu users and then works as a superfast file exchanger. It can send as well as receive media, documents and any other kind of files at lightning speed.
– 22 also offers a very efficient and workable solution for backing up items in the phone from contacts to pictures.
– Apart from these standard features that the Tu Tu offers to both Android and iIOS users, there are some special ones that are available for the latter. The Tu Tu app comes in two versions for iOS; one is the jailbroken version, and the other is the version for non-jailbroken iOS devices.
– The app is free to install and contains a very efficient and user-friendly interface.

How to get the Tu Tu apps for iOS:

– The minimum requirement to get the Tu Tu app for iOS devices is that the iOS device should be of an operating system iOS 9 or above.
– The first thing that you need to do is to open the Safari browser that we generally find on iPhones and iPads. The Safari browser is recommended in this process because other third party browsers that you may have installed may break the downloaded file into parts which could later create complications while installing the application.
– Visit the official Tu Tu website through the Safari browser that you have just opened.
– A word of caution here is that the official Tu Tu app site is not in English, and therefore you might panic when the page loads up. Do not panic, however, and just click the second option of the screen that appears when the page is loaded for the first time in the browser.
– As soon as you select that option, the page will reload, and there will be a Blue button on the very screen of your iPhone or iPad. That is the download button which you now have to click.
– But before clicking on the download button, you must also be aware of something. The application will not install if you do not trust the developer that has made the app. What you need to do is go to the Settings and then visit General and then move on to Profiles.
– In the Profile section, you will see the name of the app Tu Tu. Click on it and then press Trust. By default all handsets, be it Apple or Android, are programmed not to accept apps that do not come from the official app store. They will, therefore, warn you every time you try to install such an app. So that this warning does not appear regularly and start irritating, you have to trust the application in order to indicate to your device that it is not harmful.
– Following the click a list of permissions are displayed which you apparently can’t read through and therefore you can directly go on to installing it. Be assured that there is nothing malicious in the permissions.

That is, therefore, the Tu Tu app for you. It combines the functionalities of more than one app and also has a unique power of its own which makes it very beneficial to have it on your iPhone or iOS. The fact that it is so readily available has also played an enormous part in the popularity it has garnered over time. Try this app and let us know how it is.

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