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Ever had the feeling that paid apps are unfair? Some of these apps provide some great applications which can be considered as being premium and therefore a case could be made where it would be favorable to pay for such apps. Over time, however, many apps have now come about that ask for money even when they are of no great use or are not unique in their own way. The two dominant mobile phone platforms nowadays are Android and iOS. Both have their own marketplace for apps, and there are millions of apps made by developers all over the world that are present there. These apps can be classified into two categories; one, the paid ones and the other, the unpaid ones. The iOS apps, in this regard, cost a little more than Android apps generally do. Anyway since we are talking about costs and money, I should inform you now then, that there is an app that can get you all the paid apps, both on Android as well as on the iStore markets, for free. The name of this app is Tu Tu, and the good news is that it is available for both Android and Apple.

So Tu Tu is an app that helps users to get paid apps from official app markets for free. Most of the paid apps that can be found on both Apple and Android marketplaces are available on Tu Tu without the user having to pay any money. Tu Tu is also very popular with the name Bunny Assistant and, therefore, if you get this app when you search for Tu Tu then don’t panic, just download and install it as both are the same. So now I proceed to giving you a detailed description of what the app features and how to install it on your Android device.

Tu Tu Features:

Apart from the functionality that allows Tu Tu app to get paid apps for free for its users, there are several other things that this app can do. Let us have a look at them:

Tu Tu has been here for quite some time but there are other apps that have also got the same functionality, and, therefore, the developers of Tu Tu started thinking ahead so that they could rise above the competition. One of the biggest things that they added to the app was the feature called Toolbox. This feature acts as a battery management tool as well as a contact and essential information backup system.

Tu Tu also has another great feature in the lines of the two very popular apps Shareit and Xender. Tu Tu allows its users to exchange information, media and documents through a WiFi system which it creates on its own like the other apps like share it. It promotes file transfer at lightning speeds and also makes Tu Tu a very useful app to have.

Last but not the least, Tu Tu also acts as a junk cleaner like most cleaning software that are found on the phone. It has the power to search through an Android system and assimilate all the junk files that are there in the system and then prompt the user to clean them so that the phone runs smoothly and more efficiently. Much like Clean Master and CCleaner, this app also can clean up RAM, cache, memory and other areas of the phone which need frequent cleaning.

How to get Tu Tu APK installed on your Android device:

The Tu Tu app as we have seen is a very powerful as well as a beneficial app that any Android Smartphones must possess. So now let me describe to you how to get it installed on your Android handset since the Tu Tu app is not available on the Google Play Store.

– Since the app is not available in the official Android marketplace, you have to get it from the Internet directly. That is not much of a problem though because there is a Tu Tu official website that you can visit, and you can download the apk from the same.
– After you have downloaded the file, just click on it by reaching it in the Downloads folder or by simply scrolling down the notification from the top of your phone.
– Now go to the Security tab from Settings. There you will find an option named unknown sources which you will have to enable. This tab generally prevents software from being installed from places other than the Google Play Store and therefore prompts a warning every time you try to install an app that is not available in the Play Store. By enabling it, you tell your phone that you trust the unknown software developer.
– After you have completed the above process, you can go ahead and install it after reading through the permissions.
– If due to some unfortunate circumstance your phone does not have an Internet connection you can just download the APK of Tu Tu from your PC browser and then transfer the file to the phone to install it
– So these are the easy steps that you have to follow in order to get the Tu Tu app for your Android handset. If you face any problems while downloading the app or while installing it then, you can just delete it and redownload it and even if the problem persists then just reboot your phone and the app should be working fine.

So there is all you need to know about this app and how it works and how you can get it on your Android device. Like I have said many times before, this app is a very good one because it is very powerful as well as it combines the working forces of 3 or 4 other apps which you do not have to download and that you can save on some storage space if you get the Tu Tu app instead of getting 3 different apps for 3 different functions. Not only does it help saves storage space but week also cannot forget its principal usability which is of saving money. Therefore, this app is a must have for your Android smartphone because it can do the two most essential things that every human being needs on his/her smartphone.

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