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spotify apk

We all know the history of music from the old gramophones to cassettes and CDs. With technological advancement, those days are also gone when people physically carried their music with them. There was a time recently when physical music carrying devices were reduced only to pen drives, and now even that is gone with the advent of online music players. Online music players are currently the trend in the world now with people mostly preferring to listen to music by streaming due to the rapid rise of the internet and wifi. One such great online music streaming service is the Spotify app which has been there from the very beginning of the online music business.

The Spotify music app is available on all platforms except for iOS because of a dispute it has with Google over revenues. Well, the app wanted users to register on their website so that they could get all the revenue while Apple wanted their uses to register the Spotify accounts through their iStore account so that Apple could get some of it. This skirmish where neither of the parties was ready to back down led to Spotify being not available on the iOS devices.

What does Spotify offer?

This is one app that is mostly like all other music streaming services, but it does have one or two features that put it ahead in the race, one of which is having an enormous music library. Since it has been there from the beginning of this business, it has a massive library that stores content from all over the world. Another very distinct feature that Spotify offers is the ready-made playlist that it contains. It has a team of experts from the musical field as well as the psychological field. It may be of some surprise to you as to why the latter must be present but the app came up with a unique playlist curating method of combining the knowledge of musical experts along with those specialized in behavioral psychology.

In this app, you can create your own playlist, but we always have situations where after a time we find out songs to be boring and monotonous and for this Spotify has come up with this unique method of creating playlists and also has met with resounding success. It offers various playlists for various human moods like happy, sad, excited, and many others.

Spotify comes with options. While the first option is to use it for free, the other is a Spotify premium package which allows you to download the song on your phone so that you can listen to it even when you are offline. The premium package also comes with uninterrupted music which means that there are no ads in between, as well as better sound quality. There is also no fixed time period for the premium package of Spotify. You can use Xmodgames apk for android to make your Spotify free. I use ok and cancel it as and when he or she wants.

A new update that the app is currently coming up with is the Release Radar feature. According to officials of Spotify, this feature will scan and search continuously for new song releases and then match it with a user’s music preferences. If the match is positive, then the song will be automatically updated into a user’s playlist. This is a very effective way by which users can be notified of new songs that come in.

How to get Spotify for your devices?

It is really simple to get Spotify on your devices. If you want Spotify on your Android, you just have to visit the Google Play store and search for the app. As soon as it appears you just have to download and install it. After doing that, you have to give your credit card information if you want to purchase the premium app and some basic information, and you are all set.

If you want Spotify on your PC, then you can directly use your web browser to visit the Spotify web app are you could just take the indirect method of getting an Android emulator installed on your system and then get the Spotify apk from the Google Play Store.

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