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Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser is the fastest mobile browser one can have on their Android devices. It is the best, quickest and most extraordinary browser across the Android platform. It is a complete web browser which does not support any advertisements. It is a web browser designed exclusively for Android devices, smartphones, and tablets. It offers thrilling speed to its users. Such is the exciting pace that once users experience it, regular mobile Internet feels like a curse. Users will hesitate to browse on any other browser after using Puffin once. Users can enjoy 24*7 Flash support on everyday basis and download to cloud feature. All these come with no additional in-app purchase.

This browser is a very secured and protected app. There is encryption on all data from Puffin to Puffin Server. Such is the encryption that even hackers cannot break it. Users can even use any public Wi-Fi network which is non-secure. Unlike the other web browsers, there is no fear here. The use of a public network is not even dangerous for users using Puffin. From time to time, the app is having more and more improvements over cloud servers too. The browser uses the branded compression algorithm for transmission of web data to mobile phones and tablets. The app is even capable of saving 90% of the bandwidth users have. Puffin Web Browsing has brought desktop browsing to smartphones, tablets with the help of cloud servers.

Features of Puffin Web Browser:-

  • Users can load various pages and download as many pictures as they want with an incredible rendering speed.
  • During the daytime, it offers Adobe Flash support over cloud. Even Android 4.4+ users can enjoy this facility now.
  • Ability to download anything and store it in the cloud up to 1G per file.
  • The Web browser offers even theatre mode for Flash Games and Flash videos.
  • There is elegant virtual trackpad and gamepad for users too.
  • Users can add a beautiful, colourful theme of your choice on the toolbar and search bar.
  • The browser offers the fastest JavaScript engine.
  • There are add-on functions like Facebook, Pocket, Translator and many other.
  • Ability to auto-clean your browsing activities on the app.

Limitations of the Puffin Web Browser App:-

The app offers some restrictions for people outside the United States. We are listing you these for your convenience:

  • Since the data centres of the Web Browser are located in U.S., the cloud servers can only access public web sites from geolocations of U.S. only.
  • For users based in other places outside the US, local contents, or videos of local choice, may not be accessible from the US if their home country offers limitations to geo-locations.
  • There are some schools in U.S. which have blocked this browser.
  • The app is restricted in countries like China, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

How to Download Puffin Web Browser.apk on Android Phones?

People interested in downloading the app on their Android devices, need to follow the steps cited below:-

  1. Go to the Google Play Store from your device.
  2. Search for ” Puffin Web Browser ”
  3. Download it.
  4. When the Download process is complete, install the app.

People accessing this article can download the app directly from the link mentioned below-

Puffin Web Browser.apk

Explore this new web browser application and start having one of the thrilling experiences you ever had. Happy Browsing Puffin fans!

Puffin Web Browser.apk
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