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Prisma is the new kid in the world of photo editing apps. And it might be just a newcomer, but it has all the potential to become the big fish. Within a very small period, the app has seen growing popularity that most apps do not. And it is quite a big success to attract the attention of the users when there are almost 2 million apps that are submitted to Google every day to be added to the app store. But, the developers at Prisma Labs did something very right, for their app has been accepted with a warm welcome from the users.

The app which has initially been launched only for iOS devices is a unique photo filter app. You might wonder that despite there being so many apps out there, and especially the Instagram filters which is widely used, what makes this app so special! Well, the fact that this app turns even the most simple and drab photos into artistic creation is what is unique. Let us take a brief look at the features before we move on to the downloading the app part.


The app is very small in size, and it is absolutely free to download from the iTunes App Store. It comes with 34 amazing and extraordinary filters. The filters are all artistic, a few are even similar to Dreamify but are more advanced and more fun. There are a lot of variants too in comparison with Dreamify.

Applying the filters is as easy as it can be. All that is needed is a photo, and you need to decide which filter ou want to apply. You can also choose an image to edit from either your gallery or you can take a new picture from the app itself.

The app has preview option which lets you see how the image in question is going to look after the applying the filter. And apart from that, you can share the edited photographs right from the app. There is a share button which lets the users post the photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular Social Networking sites. They even have the option of sending those images as attachments to emails as well.


No, it’s not a painting but just a photo of a cat edited with Prisma!

How to Use Prisma:

It is always important to know how easy it is to use them before you install them, isn’t it?

You can either take real-time pictures, or you can choose any image from the gallery. Once you have chosen the image, you will have to choose from the array of 34 filters that they offer. In addition to this, you can also choose the intensity of the filter by swiping left or right.

And then it is entirely up to the AI. Yes, an AI then transforms the picture to painting. It generally takes a few seconds. Because the AI scans the picture three times to see what are the changes that can be made to apply the particular filter that you have selected. It is a three-layered process. And after it is done, you will see a photo that is nothing less than a work of art!

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Installing Prisma on Android:

Prisma is still not available for Android OS. But the developers have announced that they are going to get the Android version of the app released by the end of this month. So, Android users, do not fret. You will soon be able to enjoy the same outstanding app!

Keep an eye on this space for updates regarding the Android version of Prisma app.

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Prisma is the up and coming photo editing app that will blow your mind away. It turns the simplest of pictures into works of art with simple taps.

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