Poke Radar APK download

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Poke Radar APK download

Augmented Reality will be a real thing, if it already is not. With the advent of Augmented Reality for smartphones, AR games and apps are on the rise with developers focusing on making such apps so that they can cash into the upcoming AR future. One of the biggest games that has made a splash in the world of apps and has gained immense popularity is Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an app that incorporates the core of AR. Inspired by its success, it is more or less assumed now that Augmented Reality will lead the way forward. However, like everything in the world Pokemon Go also has some negatives that players of the game complain about repeatedly, the biggest of them being the inability to find the different Pokemons in one locality. It is a common occurrence where players get the same Pokemon over and over again and hence, frustrated by the inability to replenish the Pokedex with new ones there have been frequent outcries. The solution to this problem was brought on by Poke Radar.

What is Poke Radar?

Poke Radar is an app that assists Pokemon Go players to find Pokemons that they already don’t have. The Pokemon Go app consists of a single map which players can open, locate Pokemons on the map, and then go ahead and catch them. The repetition and appearance of the same Pokemons over and over have given rise to the app called Poke RadarPoke Radar also consists of a map, but the great benefit that it provides is giving the users the option to filter out the Pokemons that they already have so that the app catches and displays only those pokemons that the user does not have in his or her Pokedex.

As opposed to apps like Poke Mesh, Poke Radar is entirely crowdsourced. It means that the users of the app can input the data that they discover in order to benefit other players who are not in the same location but who might visit the location after seeing the input from a user. This happens in a chain and in a short time there is information galore on the app about what Pokemons are available, at what places and also at what times. There is a distinct disadvantage of this system, though, that many players can actually provide wrong information intentionally in order to mislead other players and stop them from getting ahead in the game. There is a way, however, that the developers have mentioned to counter this evil, which is that users should downvote the person who provides wrong information consistently in order to mark that user as being deceptive while up voting for the user who provides the right information most of the time.

How to download and use for Poke Radar?

Poke Radar is quite simple to download and use. Since it is a third party application associated with Pokemon Go, it is not available on the Google Play Store. Users have to download it from the Internet and install it and after that run it. As soon as users run the app, the information will appear on the map. The users can also input information that he/she wants to share with the other players.

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