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By App Apk / a couple of years ago
Pokemon Go

Well, you might be playing Pokemon Go and roaming about in the streets in search of Pokemons. I agree that it is a very good idea to get some exercise and get to know your locality. Also, the excitement that players get when they come up on to new Pokemons which they can catch is also understandable. But if you keep jumping on the same Pokemon over and over again then the interest towards the game lessons and frustration automatically sets in. Worldwide it has been discussed many times that rare Pokemons are literally rare to find and catch. Herein comes the Poke Mesh app.

So you can now get this third party app which will tell you where Pokemons are around you and what Pokemons they are. You can then just sit at home and keep monitoring the app for the Pokemon that you don’t have, and when you find it, you can just go and catch them thus reducing your effort to a large extent. This app even offers the added functionality of sending push notifications so that you don’t have to run the app all the time and, therefore, drain your phone battery.

Although these apps piggyback the popularity of Pokemon Go in order to serve their own interests, they do contribute something beneficial to the players. In the case of Poke Mesh, it helps the user to search for the elusive pokemons with minimal physical effort. It even sends push notifications to a user’s smartphone when a Pokemon that has been designated as rare and not available in the users Pokedex, appears nearby.

There was a recent development where the official Pokemon Go developers insinuated that these third party apps are slowing the game down, and therefore a new update would be released that would hamper the functioning of these apps. Following a public outcry, however, no such steps have yet been taken but the way in which Google is penalizing these apps and throwing them out of the Google Play Store it is not long before Pokemon Go also follows suit.

Poke Mesh features and How it Works:

Poke Mesh is a third party Pokemon finding app that uses your phone’s GPS to keep track of where you are and more importantly where Pokemons are. This app works on an algorithm made by its developers as opposed to other such apps which are generally crowdsourced. As soon as you download and install this app it is automatically integrated into the Pokemon Go official app and will run in the background and continue its search for pokemons even when your phone is locked up, and you are busy in some other work. As soon as it finds the Pokemon, it will immediately send you a push notification on your Android smartphone, and you can go and collect the Pokemon if you already don’t have it.

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