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Opera Browser

As we are always attached to our Android devices, which are our best companions, it is only natural that we try and do most of our through these smartphones, rather smart friends! One of the main requirements of our generation is to be able to browse the vast place, that is the internet, on a regular basis. So, our web browsers are quite important and have a lot of jobs to do to make things easier for us. Opera Browser is an option that we can’t ignore when we think about getting a fast and light browser for our Android devices.

Opera Browser Features:

Opera Browser is an app that comes in different sizes depending on the Android device that you are installing it on. So you understand the customization that it comes with. The latest updated version of Opera Browser for Android comes with a lot of features.


This browser ensures that you get the fastest experience while browsing the internet. It comes with an inbuilt adblocker to make your browsing easy and without wasting time. It clocks all those unnecessary ads that block most of the content of the page from your view. Also, it makes your browser much faster.

Video Compressor:

It also has another amazing feature that compresses the videos. You can watch videos right in your browser window with this app. You can enable the video compressor on the settings tab of the browser. By opting for this option, your videos load faster. You hardly have to wait for the video to buffer it is so fast. And it goes without saying that the data usage lessens by a significant margin.

Opera Browser

Home-Screen Customization:

The home screen of this browser is customizable. So you can add any website or web page of your choice or need right on your home screen. Browsing through regular websites takes a lot less time. You can directly go the page of your need with just one single tap. And this also helps you save memory on your device. Adding a bookmark to a certain page requires some space of your device memory. With the easy to add pages on home screen helps you with that as well.

Pinch and  Zoom:

Opera Browser also has a pinch and zoom feature for all the websites that you view using their browser. You can zoom in on any page you like to get a better view. And the problem with scrolling from one side to another to read the content is also not there. The app has a text wrap feature that automatically adjusts the content to your browser window.

Data Saving Mode:

It has several other cool features like data saving mode. With this mode turned on you can browse any website at a much faster speed with less data consumption. And you can turn off this feature anytime you want from the settings menu.

Other Features:

Just like every other internet browsers of our time, Opera Browser too obviously has the Incognito feature. With incognito mode on, you can search and browse web pages without them sticking in your browser history or memory.

You can also open different tabs at the same time. With the tab manager, that comes with it, less memory is consumed. Thus, your device memory remains free even when you are browsing through several tabs.

 It has easy to use interface as well. You can just pull down to refresh the page you are currently browsing. With the ‘Discover feature‘ you get the latest news updates, sports updates delivered right to you. This lightning fast browser also comes with a search engine. It makes searching the internet so much easier. This can even be availed when you are using another app by swiping up from the bottom of the page. But this feature is only device specific.

Opera Browser.apk

Steps To Install Opera Browser on Your Android Device:

As is known to all Android users, most applications can be downloaded by two methods. One and the easiest option is to look for the app in the app store. Using the Play Store by Google on Android, you can install the app directly on your device.

And the other option is side-loading. Side-loading means downloading the apk file of the app from some source and then installing the app from the apk file. Opera Browser apk files are available on many websites, including the official Opera website. But for side-loading you need to make a few changes in your security settings.

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Look for Opera Browser.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Grant the permissions asked by the app.
  • Wait till the installation is done.
  • Open the browser and enjoy the fastest browsing experience.
Opera Browser
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Opera Browser is hands down one of the best web browsers that there are. It is not only fast and data saver, it also has inbuilt adblocker and many other features to make web browsing smooth.

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