Google Play Store .apk download: How to install Google Play Store in Android

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Google Play Store apk download

We all know what the Google Play Store is. If you are an Android user, then automatically the Google Play Store app comes inbuilt on your phone. It is the biggest marketplace available on the Internet, with millions of apps for the users to browse and download. The vast variety of options is also a big advantage because one can choose an app of a particular category from a number of choices, in accordance with his/her needs.

Since it comes inbuilt, people do not generally require to download and install it. But, if you have deleted it by chance or want to install an older version, then do not worry! I will tell you the steps so that the process goes seamlessly.

How to download and install the Google Play Store (via phone):

  • Go to your Phone Settings and you will find a Security option. In the Security list, you will find an Unknown Sources option. Check the box next to it. Do not worry! Since you cannot download Google Play Store from the Google Play Store, you have to use an unknown source to manually download and install the app. All other software sources are treated as unknown sources. P.S. Remember to uncheck the unknown sources tab after you are done installing the Google Play Store app.
  • Click the link provided here to get to the page where the download link is present.
Google Play Store.apk
  • As soon as you reach the page and click on download, you might get a message that warns that the app you are trying to download is harmful. Ignore the message.
  • Open the Google Play Store apk file and after reading through the terms and conditions, click on Install.

You can also complete this process via computer if you do not have a data connection on your phone. In that case, all the steps will be the same except that you have to copy the apk file after downloading it on the computer to your device via a USB cable.

How the Google Play Store has changed over time:

The Google Play Store has undergone a lot of changes over time like all apps and software do. In 5.7.6, there were noticeably two changes. One was the pop-up that appeared in the Kid’s section; when an icon was clicked the enlarged image appeared with the description underneath. The second change was in the What’s new section where the text and background came in contrasting shades of green.

-Animations of TV pages came in a circle in the 5.7.10 version.

-A new hamburger menu which changed the visual while moving from screen to screen was the new addition in the 5.8.8 version.

-Except a faster interface nothing much changed in the next 5.8.11 version.

-The new app permissions window was the new addition to Google Play 5.9.11.

-Google Play 5.10.30 came with a significant change, the ability to copy text from the What’s New and Description sections. Also, the Google Play font in the search bar was different.

-A massive change in the app’s appearance came about in Google Play 6.0.00. Apart from the visual modification, the numerous categories of apps were reduced to just two; Apps and Games and Entertainment.

-Google Play 6.0.5 appeared with an enhancement that allowed developers to put up offers for different apps. Paid apps could be purchased at discounted prices or even free. Users also were given a thumbs up option to positively rate reviews. The spam button was also pushed to a corner negating the propensity of most users to misuse it.

-The Play Store is now under A/B testing, and therefore the versions come with A,B,C or D designations. Apart from minor changes, the major change is the ‘Download Pending’ message shown instead of the dynamic download signal it used to show previously.

Google Play Store
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Google Play Store is the ultimate place to download new and reliable apps. However, the overdependence on one marketplace is a bit problematic.

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