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download YouTube videos

It has been a persistent question from the very inception of YouTube. How can we download YouTube videos and keep it permanently so that we do not have to go online every time we wish to see a video? At the very beginning, there were no such facilities as YouTube and its owners Google were very strict about piracy and illegal sale of music and music videos. So, downloading the videos was a strict no-no. Only viewing of the videos was permissible.

But, over the years, YouTube has grown even more and is the number one source of videos of every kind, be it music, films or documentaries. With its popularity, people have also contributed largely to YouTube’s growing fame and also helped themselves to money and fame as YouTube celebrities with their own channels and subscribed viewers and fans. Whatever it may be, the demand for video download or at the very least, offline viewing was a thing that YouTubers were clamouring for without any resolution.

YouTube and Google finally realized that keeping the public happy is the priority and therefore they introduced some changes. They started offering some videos for download and offline viewing which sated the public’s desire, but, momentarily. So, while Google thinks of ways to provide what its users want, here are some ways you can download YouTube videos.

The Legal Method to Download YouTube Videos:

The Google-approved method to download Youtube videos is the only legal way, but the scarcity of content is a big drawback. You can go to any video, and if you see a down arrow (which is the download sign), you will know that this video is available for download and later offline viewing. On the right-hand side adjacent to the thumbs down sign you will see the arrow. If it is there, you can download and save it for later. If not, then there is nothing you can do, at least legally.


However, if you are lucky enough to see the arrow on the content that you desire to download, then click on it. A pop-up will appear asking you about the quality of the video that you want to save. Choose from the resolutions displayed. If you want the same resolution in the future for all such videos, tick the “Remember my choice next time” box and tap “OK.” Remember, this does not mean that you get to download the video file. It means later you can watch it offline but for that too, you will have to launch the app.

The Other Methods to Download YouTube Videos:

  1. The first method is by using a software to download the YouTube videos. You will get numerous software to download YouTube videos. There are quite a few on the Internet as well the Google Play Store like Free YouTube Downloader or Vidmate. These softwares not only download YouTube videos but also videos from other sites. They are very powerful and provide great speeds depending on your Internet connection.
  2. The second method is to download the videos directly from a site, without the need of installing a different software. You can do this by clicking on Share below a YouTube video, copy the image URL and then paste it on some site like which will directly provide you with the video file or convert it into an mp3 and deliver it to you in minutes.

Well, here are the ways to download YouTube videos directly on to your mobile Android devices. Go ahead and try.

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