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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is said to be the leading browser in use and for good enough reasons. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest browsers. Google Chrome has won a lot of hearts because of its minimalist designs. We cannot entirely ignore the fact that with Chrome in the market, the total concept of secure browsing has come up. The browser was developed by Google.Inc and the initial release was in the year 2008.

Google Chrome is the one of the significant reason for the rise in the Global Internet Usage. We can not deny its role in this particular thing. Keeping Google Chrome in mind, the other browsers have also updated themselves with new features to run equal to Chrome. This particular browser has thus brought a lot of change in the Web Circle.

Certain brilliant characteristics Of Google Chrome:


This browser was specifically designed by Google to take a hefty amount of load and also do the work comparatively faster. The travel from one site to another also takes very less time. To be specific, around 5.3 seconds. The best part of this browser is its layout. The layout is not only clear but is distinctive about its features. This browser is easy to use. You can create shortcuts in the simplest way possible.


No other browser provides as much security as Chrome. This browser displays a warning if at all you visit a website that is suspected of something like phishing. This browser also pops up messages to check if your security is updated.

Help Centre:

Google Chrome has a support center that is appropriate for new users. This browser provides a guide for the people who are using it for the first time. It also presents an opportunity to the users to change display settings and language


Another characteristic that separates this browser from the others is its features. Be it to Sync your bookmarks or create them, this browser shows some potential. Even the privacy browsing feature is very impressive.

How to download Chrome on your Android:

Google Chrome.apk

To download Chrome on your Android, you do not have to work much hard. Just visitGoogle Play Store. From your Android and look for the browser. Once you find it, Click Install! That is all you have to do to Install Google Chrome in your system!

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer:

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

There is an offline installer of this particular application that is found on the market. We have provided the link above for you people to download it without hassle. Google has come up with this only for the benefit of its users. We wish you a happy browsing!

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