Some Common Problems in Computers And How To Fix Them

By Tushar / a few months ago

PC problems can vary from anything starting from hardware issues to error messages. You may not know the possible cause of all these problems. But, at least you can know what’s causing those errors. Isn’t it?

Some of the problems are rare. Some are pretty common. So, when you encounter an error, just know that there are many others out there facing the same kind of problem.

I feel that’s a good news. It is because the common issues have been reviewed and solved as well. That means you have a good chance of resolving the common issues all by yourself. Even if you are not confident or tech-savvy enough, contact some professional like best IT support solution in Dubai.

Okay, so I have listed some of the most common PC problems people face in their daily lives. These errors can be really annoying. Keeping that in mind, I have also provided the effective solutions to help you out.

Common PC Problems and Possible Solution

Blue Screen of Death or BSOD:

This is also known as the STOP Error. When Windows stop working completely, the screen turns blue and none of the functions work properly.

Speaking of the cause of such an error, it is usually related to the driver and hardware. Sometimes, you may see a code too that will help you detect the right cause of such an error.

Now, if your PC screen turns blue and restarts automatically after some time, there is no need to panic. You will know exactly what to do.

How to solve the BSOD Error:

Check the Free Space Available on Your Primary Drive:

Make sure that the primary partition that is used for installing Windows OS has enough free space. Otherwise, that can lead to issues like corruption of data and finally BSOD.

Try to keep at least 10% of the entire disk space free to be on the safe side.

Undo Any Recent Change that You Made:

Newly installed software or program can also lead to such an error. In that case, you need to uninstall the program or undo the registry driver changes.

You may use the option of system restore to change the recent settings of the system. If the new program or driver is causing the error, that it will get solved in no time.

PC Not Turning On: 

This is one the most annoying PC problems every one of us have faced at some point or other. It is frustrating when you switch on your PC and nothing works!

There are a lot of reasons that may lead to such an issue. You may have to replace the CPU or the motherboard to fix this issue.

If  You’re Desktop User: 

Check the input voltage for the power supply. Make sure it matches your PC. Otherwise, the PC may not power at all.

If You’re a Laptop User:

Remove the battery from your laptop and charge the laptop using AC power only. It has solved the problem in my case.

If your PC works just fine like this, then the battery is at fault and you need to change as soon as possible. Usually, when the battery is really old, it wears down and is incapable of charging your laptop.

404 Error

You will encounter this error when the webpage you are trying to reach isn’t there on the server.  

Honestly speaking, this is a client-side error. So, when you will type the URL incorrectly, that lead to the 404 Error. So, instead of being redirected to another page, you will get the 404 error.

Another reason is that the webpage is moved to some other new destination without changing the URL. So, even if type the correct URL, you get the 404 error.

How to Fix 404 Error:

Whenever you enter the URL, make sure that you do it correctly without any mistake. Also, remove the cache in your browser if you keep on getting the 404 error.

So, these are the top 3 common PC problems people face every day. If you still face the problem then tell us in comments, we will try to help you solve the issue. 

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