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Have you ever wondered how good it would have been if you would have already known about the sudden downpour and did not have to get wet? We have brought a solution to all your worries. AccuWeather is an application that informs you about the current weather of the place you are in.

AccuWeather developed by is one of the best of its kind and needless to mention how helpful it is. With this application in your android, you do not have to worry about forgetting your umbrella at your place. The app is readily available and is very easy to use.

Some Inbuilt Features Of the AccuWeather App:

1. This application is user-friendly. Anybody can use it without much trouble.

2. There is a feature in the app that gives a minute to minute update on the weather of the place. That way you will avoid any last minute surprises.

3. This application provides weather forecast for all over the world. You can get to know the weather of any other place easily.

4. The sunrise and sunset details are found in this application.

5. You have the liberty to choose between metric and imperial units.

6. This application has a database that is huge, and a large number of places are included.

7. You are allowed to download the free version of the app and check it for yourselves whether it is of good use or not.

Pros and Cons of the Application:


1. This application provides the climate forecast of any place you would want.

2. The forecast gets updated every minute, that way you could trust the application more.

3. The prediction of the weather is accurate and leads to no much trouble for the users.

4. One of the most significant and brilliant advantages of this app is that you can download the free version and try for yourself!


1. There are just a few disadvantages of this application. You cannot edit your location sometimes which might lead to some problem for the users who are on a vacation or even if you want to look into the climate of some other place.

2. Some users find it a little difficult to use and also complain about its accuracy. You just need to use if for yourself to know what the reality is.

How to download the app on your Android Phone:

AccuWeather download

1. This application is not at all difficult to find. You just have to visit your Google Play Store and look for the application.

2. The search toolbar will help you in getting hold of the application. Once you get hold of it, open the app and click ‘Install’.

3. If you find the above steps to be difficult, You just have to click on the direct link mentioned above.

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